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Go Suatainable Program

SICMA INTERNACIONAL LLC is aware of the impact of corporate sustainability on the international market and positioning as well as its long-term social and environmental benefits. This is why we have created the Go Sustainable Program for businesses that want to make a change for the future.

The Go Sustainable Program has been developed based on the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards, that follow a series of high quality methodical steps that will ensure the correct implementation of corporate sustainability in your business.


SICMA GRI community member

As a GRI Community Member, we are part of the world's largest sustainability network, ensuring the proper performance of development, evaluation, planning, and reporting conditions.

Being a GRI Community Member implies:

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We maintain the development of sustainability reports with transparency and under the GRI standards.

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Increase the trust of stakeholders such as investors, strategic partners, clients, governments and any party involved.

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Establish comparative points with other organizations in the market and identify opportunities for improvement in sustainability performance.

We strengthen your reputation and position your brand by offering responses to society on ethical, social, labor, and environmental issues.

Our service

SICMA sustainability program




  • Data collection

  • Structural analysis

  • Initiative consolidation

  • Technical visits, interviews, surveys


  • Materiality analysis

  • Determination and application of GRI standards

  • IQNET SR10 support

  • ISO 26000 support

  • Development of the Sustainability Plan

  • Workshops, training sessions

  • Communication Plan

  • Ongoing and specialized monitoring

  • Support through HeVA.

How do we do it?

Go Sustainable is a comprehensive sustainability monitoring program that enables organizations to maintain their sustainability objectives over time by continually implementing various initiatives and methodologies to strengthen their sustainable ecosystem.


We carry out a situational diagnosis in sustainability.

Our team of experts will gather your organization’s information to determine the current situation of the company in sustainability, through technical visits, surveys, workshops and other strategies to identify the initiatives used and the possibilities for integration.


We develop the Sustainability Plan


We develop the Sustainability Report.

Once the situational diagnosis is completed, we will develop the Sustainability Plan, which will include strategies, initiatives, objectives, and subprograms that reflect the path and goals set to generate a triple impact (environmental, social, and economic). Our team of experts will provide daily assistance and monitoring to ensure the fulfillment of the planned activities.

Once the Sustainability Plan has been applied, we will develop the Sustainability Report for the organization (annual) using international reporting standards and regulations, demonstrating progress, enhancing initiatives, and creating opportunities for improvement. This document will be presented in a magazine format accompanied by the collected indicators in a tabulated format.

The Go Sustainable Program can be contracted in 3 cycles according to the interests and needs of the organization

Cycle 1:    2 years

Cycle 2:    4 years

Cycle 3:    6 years

Inclusions and integrations

A fundamental part of an adequate long-term sustainability process is the integration of particular initiatives that allow for the proper use of resources. You can integrate different processes that will strengthen the sustainability of your organization.

GO SUSTAINABLE other programs
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Our team of experts provide continuous day-to-day support, suggestions and identifies opportunities to improve the sustainability of the company. All our processes are developed with the highest quality standards. 


You will have access to our environmental verification tool, HeVA, which provides real-time progress status of all our processes and development of sustainability modules, facilitating management and 24/7 support, as well as presenting indicators and statistics in real-time for timely decision-making.


All of our processes are standardized and proceduralized, making us one of the first environmental and sustainability consulting firms to have quality standards anchored to international criteria. We have a highly qualified team of experts trained in the best institutions in Europe and North America.

SDG world

Reach and manage your SDGs with us

We integrate sustainability

  • Diagnosis, evaluation, and design of the Sustainability Strategy

  • Development of Action Plan

  • Creation of sustainability policies

  • Sustainability monitoring

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We improve your social management

  • We integrate sustainability into the value chain: responsible procurement

  • We implement diversity, equity, and gender focus in business management

  • We include a human rights approach in business management

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We prepare your sustainability reports

  • We prepare your sustainability report using methodologies and guidelines from GRI, SMV, SDGs, Global Compact, IFC

  • We design and communicate your report

  • We prepare Integrated Reports

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We communicate your management

  • We develop internal and external communication strategies

  • We develop strategies and plans for stakeholder engagement

  • We provide advice for the design of audiovisual pieces and communication materials

media interview

We strengthen your reputation

We advise you to build a strong network of allies to promote your voice from different fronts:

  • Stakeholder mapping

  • Development of surveys and digital workshops to understand the expectations of stakeholders

  • Alignment with Sustainable Development Goals

  • Brand ambassador guide

SICMA team

We take your
company to
the next level

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All our sustainability plans have full access to our HeVA platform. You will be able to obtain real-time statistics and reports, communicate with your assigned technician immediately, and verify the progress of your processes.

In addition, you will be alerted in case of non-compliance or situations that compromise or endanger your company's environment.

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All our processes comply with strict quality standards, which allows us to guarantee total customer satisfaction as well as approval of the generated documents.

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