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environmental management system HEVA

Let's talk about innovation,
let's talk about SICMA

We present the 3rd version of HeVA, the best and most powerful environmental management and control platform in the country. It controls, administers, executes and measures the environmental compliance levels of your organization.

environmental Software HEVA




Your environmental department, online.

With HeVA manage and operate all your environmental management online, you will have multi-device access worldwide.


Automate your processes, keep control

Full automation of PMA and related processes

Automation and alerts on activities and procedures

Automation and data processing: consumption, waste, wastewater treatment plants, etc.

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High security standards

We know that environmental information is sensitive and confidential, HeVA has high levels of security.

We have two servers strategically located in Germany and the United States, guaranteeing the stability and security of the information.

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Live, reliable and fast data

The new era of environmental management, optimize resources and improve your results.

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Keep control

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Save time

sicma innovation

Reduce costs

HeVA is a development of SICMA ECUADOR and holds a patent and registration with SENADI; it has been operating since 2016, currently monitors more than 1000 projects and manages more than 300 clients nationally and internationally.

top 5 environmental consulting firms in the country

the best environmental consulting firm in Ecuador

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Intuitive and

01. Automatic alerts

HeVA generates automatic alerts and notifications, helping you avoid non-compliance.

02. Real-time reporting

With HeVA you will be able to generate and download reports in real time, at any time you will have the facility to generate reports and compliance reports.

03. Statistics and indicators

HeVA processes the information automatically, this data is displayed through statistical graphs and indicators that are available for you to analyze and/or download.

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The most advanced environmental technology at your fingertips



A long and exciting journey

HeVA turns 5 years old, officially launched in June 2017, it has been five years of learning, development, innovation and above all active listening and feedback, which has allowed us to consolidate today the 3rd version of HeVA, the same that is used by the largest Ecuadorian companies and industries and not only in the country but also in other international territories, being a model of success in environmental management On-line.

The confidence to be always by your side
HeVA your environmental department Online

You can contract HeVA in Coverage Plans or access the benefits through HeVA Lite.

Always be in control, avoid fines and penalties.

What our clients say

"The HeVA platform is an innovative tool for tracking safety and environmental projects, automating processes and facilitating the secure submission of information."

Carolina Rosero


HSE & Facilities Manager


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"The HeVA platform has greatly facilitated our environmental project management by making it transparent and user-friendly from the start, with information being sent in an orderly and quick manner for the user."

Paúl Andrade Herrera

General Manager

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"The HeVA platform has been very useful since we started working with Sicma almost two years ago. The platform's notifications to my email and the interaction with Ariana Burgos, our environmental technician, has allowed our company's tasks to be fulfilled according to our PMA and before the environmental regulators. The user-friendly dashboard has allowed us to visualize our KPI's in order to take corrective actions in case of any non-compliance. This great tool has made it possible for us to show how our environmental management is doing in internal and international audits, such as Marin Trust in which we are certified."

Mario Heredia Borja


Head of Industrial Safety, Environment and Occupational Health and Safety


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We had the opportunity to use the HeVA platform for 3 topics: Environmental Compliance Report, Hazardous Waste Generator Registration Report, Environmental Monitoring Report.

Very practical and easy to use, to have contact and follow-up with the project advisor to be able to see the progress and share the information required to be able to meet the requirements.

Johnny Salvatierra

Industrial Safety Coordinator


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